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    Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation

     To save and preserve all 6 reef lighthouses.

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Donate     Help us win the bid for Sand Key lighthouse! Donate today. 

Auction ends November 17th, 2020 at 2:00 PM.

THANKS for your support!



2 Grants from the Florida Lighthouse Association for a total of $67,250 to help stabilize Fowey Rocks Lighthouse.

$9,750 in grants from our group to Biscayne National Park for Fowey Rocks Lighthouse.

15 Lore of the Reef Lights books donated to libraries (both public and private) and to Biscayne National Park.

Historical and Memorial Sign at Sombrero Beach Park for the Sombrero Reef Lighthouse.

$1,000 matched with $3,000 from the Florida Lighthouse Association for the Sombrero Key lighthouse display at Ocean Front Park in Marathon.

Helped the GSA with boat trips to Carysfort Reef, Sombrero Key, Alligator Reef and American Shoal lighthouses for the inspection part of the NHLPA application process.  Including how to save money on the charter, therefore, saving money to tax payers.

Meetings & Events

Final push for

Sand Key Lighthouse. 

A bright spot in 2020.


         The soft deadline for Sand Key Lighthouse auction has been set, it will be November 17, 2:00 PM Central Time. 

         We are asking for donations for those who can afford it, for the final push.  If you can’t afford a donation could you pass on the information to someone who might be interested in saving history?

           As of this writing we have 31 days.  The best place to donate online is PayPal on our website www.reeflight.org , if you want to write a check make it out to F K R L F and please send to:

         F K R L F

         c/o Eric S. Martin

         1067 Drift Creek Cove,

         Orlando, FL 32828

Questions? Call Eric at 407-341-7374 if you get voice mail please leave a message.  Or just email me ericlighthouse@yahoo.com

         Thanks, Eric

DECEMBER 4-7, 2020 Boat Trips, Friday night meet and greet.  Sat. to Mon. a different Reef Lighthouse.  Fowey Rocks, Carysfort Reef, & Sand Key.

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